About Me

Hi, My name is Janet, and I want to end cancer. .


Money Raised

RAISED TO DATE  $6,924.39

$8,000 - Goal 2018


2017 - $8,272

2016 - $6,480

2015 - $7369

2014- $3,115.12 (volunteer)

2013 - $6,850

2012 - $7,760

2011 - $7,010

2010 - $6,860

2009 - $7,220

2008 - $7,299

2007 - $7,090

2006 - $6,276

2005 - $3,873

2004 - $3,289

2003 - $3,288

2002 - $2,308

$93,145.02 - 16 year total

Pan Massachusetts Challenge  

August 4th & 5th, 2018

On the first weekend in August, I will again ride the PMC! I am cycling from Bourne to Provincetown which is 80 miles. For 17 years I've committed to raising money for cancer research by participating in the PMC (PanMass Challenge). I cycled for 16 of those years. In 2014 I volunteered after knee replacement and was a "virtual rider" . It is my hope that I can raise $100,000 before I have to stop doing the ride! I have turned 70 years old this year!!


The PMC has raised more than a half billion dollars for
adult and pediatric cancer care and research at Dana Farber
since 1980 In 2016, the PMC gave a record gift of $47 million and was honored as Program of the Year by the Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum.

This success is the result of a lot of people; riders, volunteers, and supporters who care about finding a cure for cancer. And because every penny matters, 100 percent of your donation goes to DFCI (Dana Farber Cancer Institute).

My husband, John, is now a pancreatic cancer survivor. As often happens, a tumor on the tail of his pancreas was discovered in 2010.  He had the tumor removed as well as his spleen. By November he was back in the hospital with sepsis, and after a 2 week stay he came home. Cancer has hit our family before. My parents Joe and Doe Hanley, both died of cancer in 1994 within 4 months of each other. Dad had prostrate cancer for many years and saw everyday as a blessing. Mom was dealt a cruel blow with the diagnosis of bladder cancer and the removal of her bladder two years before her death. She took care of dad until his death a few weeks after their 50th wedding anniversary, an event which was not the gala which they are planned for years, rather intimate and low key, but special nevertheless. We all felt that Dad willed himself to live until their anniversary. Little did we realize how sick Mom was at that time of Dad's death.

Mom died the day after Thanksgiving. It was so much to bare for all of us. My parents would be very proud of my cycling and volunteering in honor of them and many others affected by cancer. 

I am acutely aware of the affect that cancer has on all family members. It is my deepest hope that no one has to ever watch another loved one die of cancer. Riding and volunteering in  the PMC is my way of fighting back!

Your contribution brings us closer to cure!

I hope that you are able to support me!

For their future....


In Memory Of:

Dorothea Hanley (Mom)
Joseph F. Hanley (Dad)
Doris Tortora (Mother-in-law)
Ralph Davis (Brother-in-law)
Leo Hanley (Uncle)

Peter G. Parent

Ron Miller

Dr. Gerald L. Abegg

Ann Field
Keith Field
Gloria Field
Barbara Young
Louis Young
Rene Desjardins

Bela Csikesz
Greg Dana

Carol Connors

Mancini Family

Francine Tillman

Suzanne Tillman

Richard Foley

Cherie Ashford

Denny Bennett

Pete Driscoll

Everett V. Olsen

Sarah Moore

Lorraine Rosie

Barbara O'Keefe

Kenny Jacobs

Karen Middleton

Arthur St. Laurent

Trebor Dooley

Children who passed

In Honor Of:

John Tortora

Sarah Dorer
Karen Frank
Carol Huebner
Charles Ludinsky
Ken Greenslade
Gerri Fowler
Peg McLaughlin
Stephanie Tabor
Ellen Ryan
Gerry Baker
Colette Monsen
Barbara Foley
Michael O'Neil
Karen Middleton
Lynn Walker
Diane Cronin
Chandra Fox
Michael O'Neil